So you’re in your 20s. That means that the days of acne are behind you and the days of wrinkles are still pretty far in your future. The time of perfect, flawless, effortless skin surely is now… right?

Not so much.

Your 20s can be hell for your skin. Navigating persistent breakouts, noticing (gasp!) your first wrinkles, and realizing your time spent sunbathing was not harmless to your complexion – your 20s skin can be confusing.

The worst part is that no one talks about it! There’s advice for teenagers about acne and advice for older women about wrinkles and ageing – but the ladies in their 20s aren’t getting the attention they deserve. That’s too bad considering your 20s are a crucial time to fix and enhance your skin for the future.

This blog aims to fill the gap and provide the ultimate wealth of knowledge about skin and sun care for women in their 20s. Created by a 20-something Toronto native (me!) obsessed with beautiful skin and sun protection. I first started this blog after continuously getting asked by friends, coworkers, and even strangers about my “tan” which was actually just some great self-tanner. That led to many lengthy conversations in which friends were shocked to hear that I wear sunscreen every single day (rain or shine!) and many, many more questions about my skincare routine. This blog aims to answer all of them.

I research extensively, talk to dermatologists, and try everything under the sun when it comes to skin and sun care (so I’d like to say I know what I’m talking about). Get informed and I promise you that your 20s skincare routine will set you up for a flawless-skinned future!

Have a skin or sun care question? Let me know and I may answer it in a future post.

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Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty – Coco Chanel.