Fact or Fiction? Is sugar harmful for your skin? Does it cause breakouts? Wrinkles?  Answered!


Looks like sugar isn’t just causing the numbers on your scale go up; it could also be causing some of your most frustrating skin problems. Sorry lovers of donuts, ice cream, chocolate, candy, and cake (is that everyone?) I have some bad news for you.

Sugar can wreak absolute havoc on your complexion, and isn’t flawless skin worth skipping that cupcake? Here are all the ways sugar effects your skin.

Sugar causes breakouts

If your skin’s been flaring out take a look at your diet and figure out if you’ve been having more sugar than usual, whether it be in soda, desserts, or breakfast bars. Sugar causes inflammation, throws your hormones and sugar levels out of whack, which in turn creates blemishes.

Speaking of hormones here is one more thing that might be making your skin act out.

Sugar causes wrinkles & ageing

Looking a little older than other people your age? Sugar might be the culprit again. When you consume sugar glycation happens. Basically – free radicals (similar to those that cause certain types of cancers) are released into your body causing not only inflammation but the breakdown of collagen and elastin. When collagen breaks down you get wrinkles.

Sugar causes redness

The same free-radicals and inflammation that cause the aforementioned wrinkles and acne have another unpleasant side-effect: redness. No, this isn’t cute rosy cheeks; this is an uneven, hard to manage red skin tone which (trust me) doesn’t look good on anybody.

Sugar causes skin dryness & dullness

One of the things sugar is best known for is that it dehydrates your skin. Beauty 101: dehydrated skin looks dry, dull, and aged. Skip the diet coke and grab water instead. Your skin will look more supple, smooth, and healthy.

Creates hormonal imbalance

Okay so this last one isn’t exclusively about skin, but it partially is. The inflammation caused by sugar and the free radicals it releases really affect your hormones in negative ways, and it shows on your skin – this is what causes the breakouts we mentioned earlier.

I know it’s hard to cut sugar out completely, but even cutting it down can make a huge difference for your skin and your self-confidence. Yes, it’s okay to have the occasional ice-cream cone or slice of birthday cake but the key is to not make it a part of your regular diet. Challenge yourself and cut your sugar intake in half for one month and see if any of your skin troubles are resolved.

Did you cut down on sugar? What were the results? Let us know below! If sugar doesn’t seem to be the issue check out our article about milk.