Rating 3.6/5

I absolutely love Tarte cosmetics, so when I kept hearing about the Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder I was super excited to try it. The powder promises to set your makeup, diffuse imperfections, and mattify skin. I also love that this product is free of parabens.

Unfortunately, this powder didn’t quite deliver on all its promises – I used this daily for over a month and noticed it most definitely did not keep my face matte through the day and it didn’t seem to diffuse any imperfections. I mean it definitely didn’t do anything bad to my skin and it felt nice, but I’ve used better translucent powders.

One last note of caution is be careful when taking flash pictures while wearing this powder – there is a very good chance your face will glow white – not a good look.

How to use it:

Lightly dispense some powder and use brush to apply a small amount over your foundation to set it.

Note: product may be difficult to dispense due to packaging.

The look and feel:

The Tarte Amazonian Clay Powder actually feels very soft and luxurious on your skin, and is completely translucent in color.

How long will it stay on?

I know people that will swear up and down that it lasts them all day but I say no way. It lasts a few hours at most.

The price:

Ranges from $38.00-45.00 for a 0.30 oz. container.

How long will this product last?

Honestly – probably a very, very long time. I have not finished mine, but my estimate would be up to 8 months.

Is it worth the investment?

Considering the price of this finishing powder I would honestly expect more. It doesn’t deliver on its promises, leaves you looking like a ghost in pictures, and is hard to get out of the container; come on Tarte you’re better than this. Instead, take some time and invest in a good primer.

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